Golden Assurance Bank

A Journey That Started With A Belief To Bank Different.

Golden Assurance Bank journey started with a single belief to connect people, places and possibilities by doing things others said could not be done. Anchored on this belief, the Bank was founded in 2017 and we are, to date, headquartered in the Mauritius International Financial Centre with a representative office in United States.

Golden Assurance Bank core banking and transactional capabilities are also complemented. Golden Assurance Bank experienced team and its regional foundation are complemented by the belief and trust our clients have in our ability to connect them to a global banking network to seamlessly achieve their financial aspirations.

Corperate Values

Our values are essential qualities and beliefs we seek to inspire within those who work at Golden Assurance Bank. They serve as the core which underpins our business activities, guiding our actions and behaviour. These are the pinnacle of our philosophy and principles that maintain our internal conduct as well as relationship with customers, partners, and shareholders.

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Specialists in Domestic & Cross Border Trade Finance Globally

Golden Assurance Bank believes in the pervasive importance and power of trade, whether domestic or cross border, especially in the continued attractiveness of funding and innovating its development. Our belief is that trade financing has strong social development potential, far more than any other banking or financial services.

Set up to provide solutions encompassing all stages of clients' working cycles, integrated and standalone, cross border and domestic, global and local, Golden Assurance Bank offers its clients bespoke trade financing, factoring, forfaiting, and treasury structures.

While there is no shortage of banking coverage in trade and non-trade financing, a strong trend has been the predominance of this coverage for large corporate and institutional entities at the expense of the small and medium sized companies that often account for the bulk of economies throughout the world. As well, with increased risks from financial market sophistication and more regulation, this coverage has become much more focused on the top end of the corporate spectrum.

Golden Assurance bank is ideally placed, in this context, to meet on a consistent and reliable basis the trade-driven growth aspirations of this vast segment of companies, without the distraction of competitive proposition or focus dilution that is found in the coverage of larger well banked companies.

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Employing over 300 well trained specialists located in 12 locations globally, Golden Assurance Bank is at the forefront of global trade.